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    Diafuego is a leading manufacturer and supplier of diamond studded fine jewellery.


    We have been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of diamond jewellery to various retailers and wholesalers around the world. Our focus is simple. To provide our clients with exceptional products at competitive prices, all while maintaining top-class service.

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    WHY US

    Diafuego is in the unique position of being a vertically integrated company, from diamond and gem sourcing through to distribution and marketing.


    This enables us to provide complete and customised solutions to our clients, whether its in product development and manufacturing or in branding and logistics.

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    We cover a wide range of products, but our focus and areas of strength include cluster bridals, quad and composite right hand rings, diamond accent fashion products and coloured diamond ranges (both natural and treated-brown, yellow, black).

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    Diafuego offers its customers end-to-end solutions. From product development through to distribution and marketing, we believe that it is our responsibility to support you where we can.


    We also facilitate client specific requirements, from customised design, specific marketing support and any special delivery requirements.

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    Integrity, sincerity and total commitment are principles that form the pillars of Diafuego. That being said, we are an extremely forward looking company, continuously striving to improve our products, processes and services.


    A rock-solid foundation combined with our dynamism has served us well in forming long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with all our partners and customers.

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